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About Nutridock

Healthy Future Begins Now!

Started as a mere hobby, Nutridock has now become a loyal companion to anyone who seeks to embark on a healthy journey. Our entire concept is based on our experience that eating healthy not only enhances your physical health but also your way of life as a whole. Consuming optimal calories and the right ingredients helps you feel light, motivated and ready to conquer. We have curated the perfect list of dishes with the choicest of ingredients to assist you in being your best self! Keeping your weight in check has never been made easier. All you have to do is help us, help you!

Why Choose Us

The Nutrition Professionals

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    Registered Nutritionist

    Our dishes are curated by giving prime importance to portion control in order to prevent overeating and are approved by a Nutritionist.

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    Healthy & Nutritious food

    Every meal is loaded with important nutrients which are essential for the body.

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    Nutritional Analysis

    We ensure that you are aware of what you’re consuming by providing you with the calorie count and nutritional analysis of all our meals.

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    High protein/fibre meals

    Eating a balanced meal is important for achieving good mental and physical health. Essential for muscle and gut health, our meals are power packed with high protein and fiber.


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